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    FlyMining — this is a modern view of mining. Digital decentralized currencies have come and are not going to go away, while the consumption of electricity for mining has almost reached 1% of all world energy costs. “Dirty” mining was possible when the BTC / USD exchange rate went off scale, but today it’s the mining efficiency that determines who will remain and who will leave. Therefore, we strive to build the most economical version of a cloud farm for the extraction of military-technical cooperation. We are absolutely confident in what we are doing, and we give you the opportunity to see this for yourself by supporting a policy of openness in everything.
    Low electricity price: $ 0.12 / THs / day
    Income calculator:
    Mined coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum
    Live webcams:
    Link to the site — When registering use PROMODE: SPDWTF

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