Gambling Bank-steers Reason For Sustainability Of Bitcoin Waves?

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    Emma Lee

    I think not all users are or even most of the users are gamblers. There are some that just Hold and work for more. Then social media carries more towards crypto-currencies and some are starting to invest from time to time & holding is the main factor that keeps values stable and Jobs paying in cryptos are somehow influential in increasing the value. Social media can be either helpful or not but it is informative though sometimes not factual. I do not believe that bitcoin sustain because of the giant and rich gamblers. Bitcoin is sustained because of people average or rich that bought bitcoins and hold it. With constant holding of bitcoins and the increase of demands from people who are buying bitcoins the value of bitcoin increases as the supply in the market is reduced. But in the end what sustained bitcoin are the trust and confidence of bitcoin users to bitcoin.
    What are the reasons for the bitcoin waves? maybe gambling bank-steers in the developed world?

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