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    I have been following bitcoins for the past few years. i am an Enginner. i remember how bitcoin was introduced to Me. To be honest, i was thruogh ponzi. i used to deposit over 0.1,0.4 to earn 0.7 to 0.9 bitcoins and i made a lot of Money. then, suddenly i decided to go for the killer jackpot and stack all my btc for once. i can remember clearly when a friend was advising me NEVER TO PUT ALL My eggs in one basket. i refused to listen and insist that it is only by strong will can one survived.
    Unfortunately I LOST EVERYTHING. IT was my life saving. Both my earning and my interest.
    To cut the story short. i borrow money form the friend that was advising me not to stake everything. i need to pay back. But i will never depart from my lesson learnt from the bitcoin stuff. i bought another bitcoins last year august and keep it away from anything. i strongly believed that i will still get my money and my friends money.
    Thanks to the current Market, I HAVE TO SELL EVERTHING TO PAY MY DEPTHS.


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    Emma Lee

    But before entering it you need to conduct some research first and learning the basic buy and sell in trading when to buy and what to buy then an exit strategy.

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