Increased bitcoin users will increase internet usage affecting health of all

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    Emma Lee

    Each and every new scientific invention is making our lives easier. Gives comfort. Makes us fast. Enables us to do the task which in the absence of that particular invention, had not been possible. Provides us more and more chances to enjoy our lives different ways.
    But the sad part of it is each and every invention is pushing us away from the nature. We have been losing our natural lives. our Grandfather’s life was closer to the nature when compared to the life of our father but our father’s life was more closer to nature when we compare it to ourselves.
    Lifestyle deceases are the result we are facing now a days. High blood pressure, sugar, heart deceases are the common deceases for which we are suffering now a days though these were rare in 30-40 years back.
    Internet is the best but worst invention of the man. Internet has enabled us to contact a person sitting on the other part of the earth. We can search any information we require in few seconds, no need to go to some person to ask the answer.
    But sad part of it is the waves of internet are affecting our health badly. It’s effects are also seen on birds, animals and even plants too.
    People are becoming habitual to using internet. People are working on internet continuously 9-10 hours inviting serious deceases to ruin their mental as well as physical health.
    Presently very few people are using internet for the purpose of bitcoin transactions. Some people are working for bitcoin. The traffic on internet will increase with the increased number of people using bitcoin.
    Whether it will change earth into open death chamber; weapon being heavy load of internet waves? Can some precautionary measures be taken to save life on the earth?
    Though it is not economical issue; but health being most important for all of us; I think we must share our views ; advising precautionary solutions to save ourselves.

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