Is there a reason why Bitcoin has to be the crypto in the future

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    Emma Lee

    Is there a reason why Bitcoin has to be the I’m trying to think of why Bitcoin has to be the coin that lasts into the future.
    The primary reason I can think is due to it being the first, and therefore it’s in a way more scattered?
    Any new mineable crypto could quickly and easily be overtaken by a major entity who could then potentially control the majority of it,
    which would be problematic for a decentralized currency.
    And a pre-mined crypto could never become the largest.

    Of course due to Bitcoin being the most used and largest crypto, as well as being the #1 trading pair,
    there’s currently not a lot of genuine reason for everyone to transfer to another currency, even if for example speed is improved,
    since to be fair, the majority of people are just holding their bitcoins and in general there’s not that much need for speed at the current point in time?

    However, nothing is very certain and I’d gladly hear more reason as to why Bitcoin would remain the largest.
    Seeing the conflict between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is really toxic for the community and adoption at a whole,
    I’m not convinced why there could not be something which incorporates the best of various platforms(smart contracts, privacy etc all in one?)

    It’s difficult to imagine adoption on a global scale that somehow would involve using many various currencies to achieve different things,
    even if there were a ‘layer’ on top to simplify it.

    One argument I heard tho is that any up and coming crypto technology can theoretically be added into any existing crypto, so therefore,
    it’s hard to challenge Bitcoin, since being the largest, new technology can just be added on top, therefore making any up and coming crypto redundant?

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