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    Learn how the institutional investors invest
    Hi All,

    I’ve been in the cryptocurrency scene since early 2017 and I’ve always been trying to think of ideas that can grow and better the community in some way. I’m a recent graduate in Mathematics and Finance and i’m currently working at a mutual fund in quantitative research.

    From this i’ve been slowly producing my own localhost website(website on my own computer) which allows me to apply quantitative measures and standard funds management techniques (listed below) learned in traditional finance to cryptocurrency. I’m thinking of putting a lot more effort into this project and launching it online.

    The main idea is to have tutorials that help retail investors (me and you) apply these techniques which, in turn, produce a more robust portfolio creation and management processes. These types of techniques can help bridge the gap between institutional and retail investors and hopefully educate the community as a whole. Some features that the website would have:

    Portfolio comparison

    Compare and share ideas between user’s portfolios

    Performance Analysis

    Attribution Analysis

    compare your portfolio against the benchmark

    Correlation Analysis

    Risk Analysis

    Value at risk

    Standard Deviation

    Scenario Testing

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    That would be one of the most useful thing ever post here.

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