PSA: Keep your Google 2FA master keys in a safe place

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    I’ve had Google 2FA set up for all my exchange accounts for a while now and I totally forgot where I put the backup codes they give you to recover your 2FA data.

    Recently I had to factory reset my phone due to bootlooping and I lost my 2FA settings and I have no idea where I put those codes if i ever even wrote them down somewhere. The steps to reset 2FA on all the exchanges seems to be very in depth and cannot be done simply by email confirmation or something like that. Although I am hopeful that their support will help me out at least I only had my trading coins on exchanges and not my Hodl coins.

    You never know if you’re ever going to lose or need to reset your phone so keep those recovery codes somewhere safe and a place you’ll know where to look. Also always keep coins you don’t want to lose in your own hardware wallet.


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    Keep your wallet seeds even safer.

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