Top Concerns in Crypto-Currency


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    Emma Lee

    I remember when ethereum came out and I thought it was a scam at the time, but even that was high class compared to the crap now. I think about what kind of actions that will take against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the future because today most countries are restricting and making regulations against cryptocurrencies and only few understand the potential of digital currencies and this is a major scenario for the future existence of the crypto world.

    I am not sure if political pressure that intense or not but I do know that government as whole is big challenge in the crypto industry and thats the biggest concern considering the future of crypto currencies. Whether it is the bitcoin itself or the crypto (Alts) government is imposing their rules and regulation and creating fearsome situation amongst the people. If this continued then it could happen that crypto users will fall back in number. Just like with the situation of Indian crypto ban created bad impression on the national market and now there is no movement from that country.

    This is concerning if it happens with powerful countries too.

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